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The Art of Diving


For certified divers who are looking to do some fun diving Ticao Island is the main diving area in Bicol region. 


Discover a whole new

world underwater

with our team of


professionals with

extensive diving

experience ready for

teaching and share

their knowledge and

love for the nature.


Passionate, fun, fighters,

talkative professionals,

selfless, determined,

strong and collaborative.

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Big Fins Dive Center’s concept is staying in a small resort in front of the beach in a remote island of the Philippines where the purpose is to enjoy this little community on the opposite of the world while scuba diving, having fun, doing some others activities; discover but also respect the environment and the local culture. Big Fins is ecologic and upmarket model.


About the resort, it has been created in 2017 by a family from Ticao. Continuously improving and upgrading to serve you better is located only 5 minutes by boat from San Jacinto town. Close to nature points such as waterfalls, paddy fields, island and reefs it offers many activities to discover and enjoy areas around.

Hablamos Español.We speak English

After his dives in the Philippines Jacques Cousteau Said: "Is the most beautiful place I've ever explored".

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