After breakfast we will ride a motorbike or van to Lagundi town located at the south of Ticao. Once there a local boat will take us to Buntod reef also known as the Maldives of the Philippines, a small islet and mangrove of 250 hectares marine sanctuary and protected area. Buntod reef has been ranked the second in the “most resilient marine sanctuaries in central Philippines” by marine biologist.

Is an ideal place to go for swimming, snorkeling, bird watching and just enjoying the clear waters. There’s a mangrove area you can see by following the stretch of fine white sand which will lead you to the mangrove sanctuary at the end of the sandbar.

Our second stop will be Dapa island named Snake island after the sea snakes used to be abundant in the island. The island is actually a big limestone rock; your dreams of fine white sand and palm trees will be ruined here. But it’s so much better. The island is actually a big cave, and when you enter, a majestic tree whose roots found life in the boulders awaits you.

There is a natural pathway of rocks that lead you to the other side of the cave (called bat chamber). If you stay longer in the pathway and observe, you will see a number banded sea snakes coming out in the water to breathe. There’s a rock where you can jump to the water swimming to the outside of the cave where the coral reef is colorful and healthy, a perfect place for snorkeling. 

After this adventure, the last stop will be Bongsanglay Natural Park a protected area of 244 hectares of mangrove forest. Bongsanglay is the only remaining primary growth mangrove forest in the Bicol Region as all the other regional mangrove have been replanted. The park hosts 36 species of mangrove that you can visit in a 1km mangrove walk. After that we will go to Bongsanglay white sand beach to enjoy our local lunch and crystal waters before go back to the hotel.

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