Discover Scuba Diving

* 2- 3 Hours

Open Water Diver

* 3-4 Days

Let’s make your first step into the diving world, what a magic experience! The DSD program is more about practice than theory but still you will have to watch a short video which is going to explain you the basics you should know about scuba diving. Then, one of our experienced dive masters or instructor will explain you your diving gear before you get ready and jump in the swimming pool or confined open water area which are the best places to start. Make you comfortable and feel the sensation to breath underwater, your dive master or instructor will be right by your side to teach you basic skills and techniques. After you will be able to go diving in the ocean under the supervision of a professional.

The Open Water certification consist of theoretical part and underwater skills. The Knowledge development is five chapters and a final exam which is multiple choices. There is confined water sessions and then finally 4 open water dives. The dives you do for your course we conduct in the amazing marine sanctuaries in San Miguel archipelago in Ticao Island. All this takes between 3 and 4 days, we always highly recommend and stress our guests,  that it is super important not to rush when you learn scuba dive since this is time where you learn all the fundamentals which you’ll bring with you all the way until you will reach your Divemaster course. Learning to dive will at the end of the day may be the best thing you have ever decided to. And doing it with Big Fins Dive Center makes it even more fun. 

Advanced Open Water Diver

+ 1-2 Days

Learning to dive is always fun, but doing your Advanced Open Water certification is going to be a blast! Most of the time on the Advanced course you will be spending underwater, learning new skills, finning techniques and different search patterns. It is actually partially up to the students to pick up 3 of the adventure dives, where the Deepdive and the Navigationare mandatory. Besides diving the Advanced course have one chapter for each adventure dive, so this mean 5 knowledge development sessions and 5 open water dives, where you most likely will experience some of all amazing critters Ticao have to offer.

  1. Mandatory Adventure dives:

    • Deep & Navigation

  2. Elective Adventure dives:

    • Night dive

    • Drift dive

    • Fish identification

    • Peak performance buoyancy

    • Search and recovery

    • Enriched air

Emergency First Response

* 1 Day

He isn’t breathing call 911, my name is ……………. I am an Emergency first responder may I help you…

This is exactly what course is about, luckily the training is all about preparation that hopefully will never be need, but if needed essentially can save lives. Everyone should undergo this course at some point, and if you haven’t done it, this can be your chance. Most people take it as preparation for their Rescue Diver certification, and is the only course we offer which isn’t directly diving related. The course structure is knowledge development which consist of a manual and video then with tons of practical scenarios and finally a small exam. You will get through primary and secondary care and CPR throughout the course. The certification is valid for 24 month before it has to be refreshed and is International recognized and can be used worldwide

All our courses are offered in Spanish and English.

5800 PHP

20 300 PHP

18 000 PHP

7500 PHP


* 3-4 Days

The Rescue course is among most peoples favorite course. It is full on from day one, it is stressful, hard and lots of fun and good laughs. Be ready because you never know when something is coming up… The Rescue diver course is one of the most comprehensive courses and is meant to push you a little out of your comfort zone and start wondering about you fellow divers, surfacing non-responsive divers, and assessing danger is just some of the skills you’ll get by throughout.

The course is 5 knowledge development sessions loads of practical surface skills, underwater rescue and it all culminates with two scenarios where you’ll use all the things you have learned throughout the course.

Dive Master

* 15-20 Days

Become a professional diver and earn money doing what you love the most! 

Doing your Divemaster  in the Philippines, might be a burning wish that going to come true, maybe it’s the beginning of a longer journey, or maybe you choose to do it just for the fun and the challenge or maybe your working your way to become an Instructor one day. No matter what’s your reason, many things are for sure, you will become much better diver, more knowledgeable and confident when your course is done. It will be the time of your life, time in paradise with loads of fun. 

  1. Divemaster program prerequisites

    • 18 year or older

    • Rescue diver certification

    • EFR Primary and Secondary Care training or qualifying training (current within 24 month)

    • Min. 40 logged dives to begin your Divemaster training

    • Full set of equipment (possible to rent)

We usually encourage our Divemaster Trainees to do an internship and to stay for minimum 4 weeks,

or even extend this

If you have time, since this is the only way you can really learn things is to do it every day for a longer period of time and of course training comes with unlimited dives! As soon as you start your internship, you become part of the Big Fins family. We strive to offer you the best possible training, and develop each individual as they need to become the best possible divers. And of course, in the end, freaking awesome Dive masters. Everyone is different and therefore our training is not always the same for all individuals we expect a lot from our Divemaster Trainees, the more independent you are and the more you interested to learn, the more you’ll gain more through your stay and training. You’ll also get more responsibilities as you progress through your experience. As Big Fins is situated in a dive resort we can provide you a room with private comfort room and sharing kitchen.

Do not hesitate to contact us to have the whole program of this course and all the things that you will need to get it.

22 000 PHP

55 000 PHP

* Divemaster 40 % discount for 3 month internship.

*All prices are per dive and per person.

* Consult our offers for more people.

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